Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Quite English: Fresh Bread, Frenchly Made

Expats love typos in signs, menus, etc.  Expats also love to take pictures of these funny typos and share them. Depending on your opinion on this business, I shall say "I'm sorry" that this is the first of many similar posts, or "get excited" that this is the first of many similar posts.

So I went to the fancy grocery store because I wanted some fancy bread and not the usual khobz. When I got home I got a double-dose of enjoyment from it -- tasty bread and an amusing wrapper. It invited, "So. Enjoy me!" and "So. I did!"

The Wiktionary says "Frenchly" is a word so prehaps I shouldn't criticize ... nah, still funny.

This was no ordinary "French stick".