Saturday, January 15, 2011

I love animals ... they're delicious!

I can't take sexy food pix but trust me it was delish.
Oh maaaaan did I make some good lamb chops the other day. I'd never made lamb chops before, but I had a bunch of fresh mint I had to use up. And what goes better with lamb than mint? Not much. And what goes better with lamb chops and mint than good company? Not much. So I invited a couple friends over and we delightfully chopped, marinated, sauteed, and boiled away our Thursday evening. End result: lamb chops marinated with garlic, thyme and rosemary then seared and roasted; (storebought) gnocchi with (homemade, hand-chopped) mint-basil pesto; and sauteed swiss chard with onions. Mmm boy! (There was also a chocolate-date pudding but let's not talk about that ... not good, too datey.)

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