Monday, January 3, 2011

Tips for America from Jordan

I am an American living in Amman, Jordan. In these situations, there is often an expatriate inclination towards comparison between one's place of residence and one's birthplace. On occassion I experience something that makes me think "America could really learn from Jordan by [fill in blank]". I had one of these moments not long after arriving while still learning my way around. In general, finding places here is a complicated affair, as no one knows street names and directions are given by landmark, BUT once you make it to the right street, identifying a building is a breeze. All of the buildings, commercial and residential, have large blue street numbers. Aesthetically speaking of course, I will concede that this is not particularly attractive. But this is easily outweighed by the convenience. America: Learn from Jordan! Put big blue street numbers on all of your buildings and houses! That is all.

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